Lunch at The Woodcote

Lunch Menu 12pm-2pm

Cold Sandwiches
Ham & piccalilli £4.75
Tuna, chive & mayonnaise £4.75
Egg mayonnaise & watercress £4.75
Prawn & Marie Rose sauce £5.95
Above served with salad and coleslaw
Soup & Sandwich
Half portion of soup served with a half portion 
of any of the above sandwiches £5.75
Warm Sandwiches
 Chicken & bacon club sandwich £8.50
Steak & wild mushroom £8.95
Goats cheese and onion marmalade £8.50
Sausage, red onion and wholegrain mustard £8.25
Above served with salad, coleslaw and fries
Cheese & ham £5.75
Brie & cranberry £5.75
Black pudding & bacon £5.95
Extra filling £1.00
Above served with salad and coleslaw
Light Lunch
Welsh rarebit with crispy bacon, a poached egg and salad garnish £6.50 
Pan fried mushrooms on toast £5.50
Omelette & salad cheese, mushroom or ham £7.50
All day breakfast - bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, tomato, hash brown & fried egg £8.50
Chicken salad £ 9.50

Our Evening Menu is also available at lunch time